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A Look Inside Buying Behavior

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If you’re marketing B2B SaaS with a PLG model, here’s how we made a recent buying decision. Hope this helps with understanding buyer behavior.


We’re in the midst of fundraising.

In recent conversations with investors, industry folks, and fellow founders, DocSend had repeatedly been mentioned as the go-to resource for sending your pitch deck to VCs.

And once again, DocSend came up in a conversation yesterday with a trusted relationship.

Guess who just signed up for DocSend? In less than 60 seconds.

No demo. No conversation with a sales rep. Literally zero due diligence.

There’s no need. That’s already been handled by people we trust.

Just a visit to the website, a few clicks, and we’re officially using the product.

And it started with people we trust telling us about a thing.

They were the salesforce who provided the solution to our problem, the value prop, and the use case.

And if the product and service fulfill their promise, we will stay, keep paying, and tell our friends.

Your goal: Become the backchannel solution in your industry. Your buyers will market for you.

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