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A Message For Job Seekers

A Message For Job Seekers

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This is a message for job seekers.

Attached is a note I received when I was a Crew Member at Trader Joe’s. I was almost fired for eating a banana out of the spoiled food cart.

Here’s the backstory:

When I was 31 I earned more money than I ever had before. By like 5x.

A company restructuring and subsequent poor professional choices led to challenges that my marriage and finances are still recovering from.

I found myself going from being the COO of a cool startup to unemployed with a mountain of debt.

I applied and applied. Nothing. I was arrogant. I thought I’d have a new job in weeks.

Over the next 4 years, I worked at Whole Foods, a ski resort, Lush at the mall, Trader Joe’s, and for a catering company at night, never making more than $12/hr.

Here’s my point:

Going from making well in the six figures to making $12/hr straight-up sucked. I thought I was too good for those jobs.

The truth is that I wasn’t. I needed to be humbled. I needed to be an f’n adult and make money any way that I could.

But I was embarrassed and scared. My friends and peers were well beyond me and I had put my family at risk.

I know this time is hard. And I can only speak through my experience.

But here’s what I know –

It will be ok.

And your way out is through the uncomfortable things.