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A Product Marketing Approach to Employer Branding

Think of your Employer Brand as a product.

And your market is:

1) Your employees

2) Your external candidate audience

A core principle of product marketing is understanding your audience.

You have to be continually looking for product-market fit by talking directly to your market and getting feedback on how they perceive both your brand and your competitor’s.

Here are some steps to finding your product-market fit:

  • Interview a set of candidates currently on the market that you’re not trying to recruit.

    • Have them research your brand and give feedback on what they do and do not care about. There’s a chance that your current messaging is missing.

  • Conduct ongoing focus groups across all departments and key leadership teams.

    • Educate your people on what EB is (trust me, they have no clue), why it’s important, and get authentic feedback on the current state of your brand.

    • Do these in batches across a diverse set of departments and team members. It doesn’t have to be a heavy lift. Especially with everyone now being remote.

  • Periodically research and audit a few of your competitors to see where you stack up.

This is the level of work it takes to be a great product marketer.

And surprisingly, few employer brand leaders are doing it.