This is a newsletter by, about, and for professional people people.

Hey. I’m Nate Guggia. Every year I talk with hundreds of Marketing, Brand, and Recruiting leaders. Most work at startups and other high-growth companies. What’s keeping folks awake at night, and what are they doing about it? I use this newsletter to distill what I’m hearing.

My favorite conversations are the wild ones.

New ideas, inside stories, bizarre problems, clever solutions. I love going there. And that’s usually what’s here. And yes, yes, an assortment of tactical and strategic musings, too.

Who’s here? Nerds, empaths, and architects.

For the most part, this newsletter goes out to the kind of people I talk to: Comms, Brand, and Recruiting leaders. Some folks oversee 100’s of employees, some are teams of one. Startup founders, function leaders, and marketers also hang out in these parts.

Contact me and I’ll do my best to help.

Need a gut check? Have a “dumb” question? Got a plan for world domination? Drop me a line and we can set up a call. I have a semi-corny mantra: Always be helping. I genuinely mean it though—and I probably spend an hour each day sending follow-up emails. I especially love introducing people with common interests or problems they’re trying to solve. Gives me the warm fuzzies.

“Tell us what you’re selling, Nate!”

Only the finest healing crystals and dietary supplements! No, but seriously. I’m a co-founder of Before You Apply (affectionately referred to as BYA). We’re a content platform and creative studio that works with the kind of people I talk to and write about in this newsletter. This-a-way to our services. My conversations occasionally lead to collaboration, contracts, money, etc. I’ve received some raised eyebrows for this in the past, but, honestly, this whole thing—newsletter, conversations, being helpful—it’s how my brain works. Also, practically speaking, the people I talk with often need the BYA cavalry. And I’d rather have it at my fingertips than not.