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An EVP is a Communications Tool

An EVP is a Communications Tool

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TL; DW –– An EVP is a communications tool. It’s a pillar to build all of your content and messaging around.

Here’s what it’s not:

  • It’s not a differentiator.
  • It’s not a reason that candidates want to work for your company.
  • It’s not words on your careers site.

Because most companies use the same 10 words to describe themselves.

And candidates aren’t searching your careers site for those words anyway.

If you’re going to jump into an EVP process, go in with eyes wide open to what this is:

A forcing function for alignment––internally and externally.

And the only thing that matters is the distribution of this information through internal communication channels with employees and content creation for candidates.

P.S. However you get there is fine. Just get there.