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An Exercise for Designing Your Recruitment Content + Marketing Strategy

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Startups –– This is an exercise you can use as a starting point for designing your recruitment content + marketing strategy:

  1. List the places your candidates hang out online.
  2. Brainstorm channel-specific content for those places.
  3. Run low-risk experiments to distribute the content via organic + paid models.
  4. Do more of what works. Leave the rest.

Content = Primarily written and video. Long-form content can be chopped up into easily digestible bites for social.

[Examples below]

Outside of the obvious social, email, and InMail channels, these are some ideas for generating awareness:

  • Posting and interacting in niche online forums.
  • Hosting virtual micro-events with senior leaders and other industry experts.
  • Advertising on niche newsletters. (We did this. It works!)
  • Podcast advertising.
  • Influencers. (Yep, business influencers to promote your company as an amazing place to work.)

Lower volume of applicants + shorter screening calls + increase in conversations with the right people are all indicators that you’re doing things right.

And when it comes down to it, the only KPI that matters is new hires.

I know, this is a lot. This isn’t meant to be an overnight process.

Step 1: Brainstorm ideas + design the framework.

Here are examples of various types of content that can be used across a variety of channels: