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An Opening Letter to Our Users

An Opening Letter to Our Users

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This is a snippet from our opening letter to our users.

This is why we do what we do.

Job descriptions suck. Careers sites are boring. Glassdoor is losing credibility.

And let’s not get into how antiquated job boards have become for attracting mid to senior-level talent.

The ultimate potential of work is to provide a sense of meaning––an opportunity to solve hard problems, collaborate with people who inspire you, and achieve something you couldn’t on your own.

Because of this, candidates are demanding more. They want a look inside.

And it’s time for companies to meet this demand with a more modern approach to recruiting––one that acknowledges the potential that their work provides.

You can read the full letter here. It’ll take 30-seconds.

I promise that it will be time well spent.


P.S. All the credit goes to my cofounder Jackson. He’s a brilliant writer and I couldn’t be prouder of his work.