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Answer Your Candidates Questions—Before They Apply

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Recruiting hard-to-hire candidates like senior-level engineers and really skilled salespeople is simple.

It’s certainly difficult and highly competitive––but it’s not complicated.

It comes down to one thing:

Giving them the information they want at the top of the funnel––before they apply.

Why? So they can 1) mentally check the important boxes and 2) opt themselves in or out.

How do you know what information they want?

You ask them. This means conducting ongoing UX research with candidates who you’re not trying to hire to find out what they care about most. (Also, ask your recruiters.)

How do you communicate this information?

With content that your recruiters use to start conversations.

Again, the mechanics are simple. Executing this isn’t.

I’m fully aware that other factors come into play when recruiting passive candidates. Brand credibility, your product, word of mouth in the right circles, and PR following your most recent funding round all influence attribution.

But at a tactical level, the ability to answer your candidate’s most pressing questions with content before they apply is the most overlooked strategy for starting conversations with the right people.

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