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Know Your Buyer Better Than They Know Themselves

Know Your Buyer Better Than They Know Themselves

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This is why we built a freemium model for Before You Apply.

There’s no secret sauce. It just comes down to one thing:

We know our buyer really, really well.

We’ve spent 7 years developing deep domain expertise. And this knowledge allows us to design new things and take calculated risks to create win-wins.

That’s it.

And we're continually doing the math––qualitatively and quantitatively:

  • Our buyers are fully bought-in to what we do from the start––we don’t have to sell the need. (Close to 100% intent).
  • We know our CAC.
  • We know our conversion rate.
  • We know our ACV.
  • We know our customer LTV.
  • We know what blocks this work from getting done at companies.
  • We know what enables its execution.
  • We know what unlocks opportunity and potential.
  • And we know how to get buy-in across the company at a leadership level.

Here’s my point: With domain expertise and a deep understanding of your buyer, you can sidestep conventional wisdom and offer creative solutions to specific problems that unlock potential, opportunity, and budget that never existed before.

That’s what this post is about.

Do the work to know your buyer better than they know themselves. Create from there.

[This is a continuation of my original post on the topic.]