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Be the Expert for Your Clients

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Apologies for hitting your inbox twice with my balderdash. I accidentally hit the wrong “publish” button last night. Let’s try this again, shall we…

Be the expert for your clients.

Sure, this sounds great in theory. But let’s be real, actually doing this is hard.

Defaulting to accommodating and making concessions out of respect (or fear) for the relationship is emotionally safe and comfortable.

We know this, but we do it anyway. And the work suffers, resulting in an inferior experience and an inferior product.

We’ve all been there––a new client comes in super excited, then they stall.

Suddenly, you’re on their timeline, not the timeline that you promised them when you sold the thing. Yeah, that promise––the one that made them want to buy in the first place.

Now, everyone is frustrated, and the value of what you’re delivering begins to fade.

Sometimes we need to assert ourselves and be a little pushy in order to make our clients happy in the long run.

This might piss some people off in the short-term. But it’s worth it if the outcome is a quality product.

Own up to the fact that you’re the expert here. And stop taking care of your client’s emotions.

This is how everyone wins.

P.S. This is obviously something we’re thinking about and working through ourselves. Trust me, we’re all in this one together. This part ain’t easy, but it’s worth it.