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Big News: Before You Apply is Live on Product Hunt Today!

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I have some big news: Before You Apply is live on Product Hunt today!

This is a big moment for us. Over the 6 years of Job Portraits, and now the 6+ months of building Before You Apply, we've never promoted our work publicly. We decided it was finally time to share it with you!

Some quick background: Before You Apply was born within Job Portraits, our SF-based employer branding studio, to help teams create authentic video content at scale.

As a candidate, finding the right information from companies before you apply is hard, if not impossible. We're changing this.

Before You Apply (BYA) is a move towards transparency and candidate advocacy, pushing companies to answer the questions we know candidates care about most.

A BYA team profile includes:

  • 10-15 video clips of interviews with team members
  • Great links to learn more about the company
  • Links to open roles
  • Tech stack + tools used by the team
  • Ability to contact a recruiter directly
  • Team structure
  • Where and when we work
  • Company level stats
  • Collaboration practices

This is what we wish existed the last time we looked for work.

If you’re curious, here are a few examples:

P.S. Feeling generous? Here’s a link to throw some love our way on Product Hunt. We’d be extremely grateful for an upvote, comment, and/or tweet. Maybe we can get the No.1 spot ;)

Thanks for your support. It means the world.