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Building Trust Early in the Buying Process

Building Trust Early in the Buying Process

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How do you build trust early in the buying process?

Transparency. That’s all.

It starts by being honest about the potential biases in your GTM strategy. We all have them.

And then creating a buying experience that helps mitigate those biases, while putting front and center the qualities you want in a successful customer.

Tactically, this is how we’re thinking about it: Create a piece of content in the form of a blog post or copy on your website clearly stating your criteria for evaluating new customers.

But this is much more than a piece of content or words on a website.

This is a statement. It’s your stake in the ground regarding sales.

It attracts and repels. And it keeps you honest and in line with your values.

Internally, this will save your salespeople time and save your company money by creating a heavier filter at the top of the funnel.

And for your potential buyers, this level of organizational self-awareness is what they’re looking for from the companies they give their money to. If it doesn’t resonate, they’ll opt themselves out.

And yet, few do it. Probably out of fear.

Remove all the BS and sales games. Transparency engenders trust.

Lower volume with higher quality is a good thing for everyone.