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What's the Best Way to Give Candidate Feedback?

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I pulled this screencap from a Hacker News thread back in December 2019. It’s still extremely relevant––perhaps even more so.

Context: This is insight from a Support Engineer at a well-known tech company who was brought in to help with sourcing, screening, and interviewing engineering candidates.

His view on candidate feedback is notable:

[To paraphrase]

Generic feedback is useless. And detailed feedback can be filled with personal bias and therefore ineffectual. He instead advocates for using technology to communicate with candidates through notifications that give a look inside as they move through the interview process.

Frankly, we don’t want feedback from most of the places we interview with anyway. But ghosting is worse.

In the end, clear communication––in whatever form––throughout the interview process is all candidates want.

If you care, give it to them.

Food for thought.