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Candidates Aren't Searching for Your Careers Site: Part 2

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This is a follow up to my post on Tuesday about candidates not searching for your careers site.

[Part 1 here]

Your careers site has to be a content hub.

A place where candidates find all the good stuff that leads them down the rabbit hole of your culture, teams, and employees.

But what does this look like and how do candidates get there?

Here’s one way. Let’s get tactical:

  1. Start by creating longer-form content: employee profiles, team profiles, leadership stories, DEI practices, tech blog, etc. All easily accessible on your careers site.
  2. Then, turn this longer-form content into channel-specific micro-content: social cards, testimonials, short video clips, etc. distributed across social (and elsewhere).

Micro-content → longer-form content → careers site.

Lastly, these are the evergreen pieces that every careers site needs to have:

  1. Candidate FAQ
  2. A look inside your hiring process
  3. A cheat sheet for understanding your business
  4. An opinion piece on your industry

Your careers site will do the talking.

But only once you get really good at leading people there.