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Content + Experience

Employer Branding is fuzzy.

So how do you take fuzzy and turn it into something tactical and tangible?

Content + experience.

Not just content. But content that shows the ”how and why”––not the “what”.

Not any experience. But a unique representation of who you are as an organization.

This combination of content and experience creates a feeling from the first touch with your brand all the way through the candidate experience, onboarding, offboarding, alumni relationships, and referral programs.

That is your content-experience roadmap.

And every touchpoint should:

1) Provide unique content that takes your candidate on a storytelling journey––getting more granular along the way.

  • Think about broad culture awareness at the top of the funnel. Then dive deeper into individual roles, teams, and leadership profiles through stories.
  • Personalize content for every persona.

Here’s an example of a CX content journey:

  1. General culture piece like this or this to drive top of the funnel awareness

  2. Candidate FAQ

  3. Employee profile story

  4. Team profile story

  5. Department leadership story

2) Provide a unique experience that is true to your brand.

  • Experience defines the value. It delivers your promise. And it creates the trust.
  • This is represented through your copywriting, tone, language, style, and IRL interactions with your audience. Stay authentic.

Do this and you will be rememberable.