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Content For a Better Candidate Experience

Content For a Better Candidate Experience

Let’s get tactical.

These are the foundational pieces of content that every company needs to create if they want to provide a better candidate experience.

  1. Your process for hiring new team members.
  2. Your criteria for evaluating candidates.
  3. A cheat sheet for understanding your business.
  4. An opinion piece on your industry.

Bonus: put them all together in one “nutshell” blog post.

By doing this, you will:

  • Manage expectations upfront.
  • Make your recruiter’s lives easier.
  • Help nonqualified candidates opt-out at the top of the funnel.
  • Allow your recruiters to have more educated, productive conversations.
  • Establish your brand voice and energy.
  • Have tactical and flexible content with a long shelf life.

How to distribute these:

  • Send to candidates before they apply.
  • Send to candidates after they apply.
  • Send throughout the interview process.
  • Display on your careers site.

By keeping your content practical and flexible you’re always creating with the end-users in mind––your recruiters and your candidates.