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The core principles of employer branding content

As you build out your employer branding, root your content in these core principles:

  1. Evergreen

    • Intentionally design your content to have a long shelf life.

  1. Relevancy

    • Does it only matter today? Or will it also matter tomorrow?

  2. Context

    • Give RL examples to make your stories instantly relatable.

  1. Authenticity

    • Once you get over the buzziness of this term you’ll realize that it’s everything if you want to attract and repel at the top of the funnel for your recruiters. Tell the whole story—the amazing opportunities and the unique challenges!

  1. Channel

    • Your content has to be designed with the channel in mind.

  2. Micro-culture

    • Showcasing team culture is the biggest missed opportunity with EB content right now. Instead of focusing on the larger organizational culture, show what it’s like to be part of the team. This will make your content more personal to the candidate.

Check these boxes and your content is more likely to be compelling, longer-lasting, and aligned with what your candidates truly care about.