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Create What You Wish Existed the Last Time You Looked For Work

Create What You Wish Existed the Last Time You Looked For Work

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Talent leaders –– think back to the last time you searched for a job.

  • What do you wish you had experienced but didn’t?
  • What information did you want before you applied that wasn’t available?
  • Which parts of the process would you have liked to self-navigate?
  • Where was there too much friction?
  • What would have eased your anxiety and made you feel more welcome?

Create that.

How? By asking the right people the right questions. Then reverse engineering your content and process to match.

Don’t just rely on your own data.

Go out in “the field”, conduct ongoing UX research with candidates that fit your ICP whom you’re not trying to hire, and find out what they care about and what turns them off.

This is easier said than done. It takes time.

But this is one area where quantitative data isn’t your friend.

This is qualitative. You’re working at the intersection of people and companies––each consisting of many variables. It’s messy.

Go talk to your market.

And know them better than they know themselves––at least when it comes to candidate experience.

BTW, this is why the player-coach Head of Talent is such a secret weapon. They’re in the trenches with candidates every day.

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