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Ditch Best Practices: Take Risks and Run Experiments

Ditch Best Practices: Take Risks and Run Experiments

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If you’re leading Employer Branding at a fast-growing startup, taking risks and running content experiments is your fast-track to success.

Your creative resources are slim. Your budget is tight. And your bandwidth is low.

You need light lifts that you can parlay into big wins to validate future investments.

Here’s the beautiful thing about experiments:

  • Low investment of resources upfront.
  • They set proper expectations.
  • If something breaks, it’s no big deal.
  • Huge upside if they succeed.

Most importantly, you execute quickly and learn from doing.

Content is distribution of information. That’s it.

And your job is to share insider information with the outside world.

Let’s face it, on the surface, most startups can appear more or less the same.

It’s time to ditch “employer branding best practices” and go straight to asking: What are you not, that all the others are?

Candidates will make a move for the gaps that you fill. They just need to know what those are.

Here’s the experiment you need to run: “How you do” content.

Tell your audience how you do things. Just document them.

It can be free (or close to), simple, and virtually nobody is doing this.

Here are a couple of examples: