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Eating My Own Dog Food

If you follow anyone online it’s important to know that they eat their own dog food.

So here we go...

I talk a lot about the importance of doing UX research with your market as a way of building domain expertise and empathy for your end-user.

I also feel that having a deep understanding of your audience is the foundation for being a true marketer and that the best way to obtain this is through real conversations with those doing the work.

Here’s what I do:

Over the last year, I have averaged at least 5 conversations a week with candidates and industry peers ranging from Engineers and in-house Comms, People, and Recruiting leaders to some of the smartest Sales and Marketing pros.

(I actually looked at my calendar and counted)

Here’s why I do it:

  • To make sure that I’m not full of crap (key when creating content).
  • To test my ideas and assumptions.
  • To gain new insights and perspectives.
  • To knowledge share and exchange value.
  • To stay humble (I have a lot to learn).

Every thought, opinion, and perspective that I post is in some way influenced by market research.

So why this post?

Because if you follow me, you need to know that I’m doing my homework.