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Employer Branding 2021: Part 2

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On Monday I posted that candidates want to see how things get made––from products to decisions.

This is a follow up to that post. It’s the tactical “how-to” of how we do this for ourselves.

[See Part 1 here]

This process is simple and highly scalable.

Context: A few months back, our cofounder Jackson and I thought it’d be interesting to document the building and scaling of our new product and business unit, Before You Apply.

This is how we do it:

1. We record our founder 1:1’s on Zoom.

2. We create clips.

  • I go back through the recording to find relevant time stamps. I then send those + the video to our freelance video editor to format the design and captions. *This can easily be managed in-house.

3. I post the videos on LinkedIn. Here’s an example.

That’s it.

Think about all the ways you can create “fly on the wall” moments for your candidates by simply recording meetings where important conversations happen.

This is your opportunity to show candidates how product decisions are made, how GTM strategies come to life, and most importantly, how leaders and team members think about the industry they serve and the problems their solving.

This is how you create authentic video content at scale.

Zoom + Clips + Distribution.

Don’t overcomplicate this stuff.