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Employer Branding Effectiveness Equation

By Hudson Brock

This is a guest post by Hudson Brock, Head of People & Culture at Marius Group. Hudson is a creative in a People leader’s body, taking an empathetic, people-first approach to talent acquisition and operations. Every conversation I have with him gets my creative wheels spinning. I highly recommend following his thoughts on LinkedIn.


My Employer Branding Effectiveness Equation ➡️ Material x Medium = Message.

If your employees (current + prospective) don’t hear you, it doesn’t matter what you say.

So how do people hear you?

This answer is evolving as technology evolves, but for now...

80% of social media content in 2020 is video and it’s projected to increase to 95% in 2021.


Because video is more native to human interaction than text/audio, it gives a better feel for the organization.

SO, prioritize video content, especially live streaming. Understand that no one is “comfortable on camera” at first and it takes practice. Start getting reps now and you’ll have a solid headstart.

🎥 Happy Streaming 🎥