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Employer branding is hard

Startups –– if employer branding was easy, every company would be doing it.

Here’s why employer branding is hard:

1. Lack of education across the organization.

  • i.e., what is employer branding and why do we need it?

2. Lack of resources

Employer branding is often led by someone who is also overseeing a number of other initiatives.

i.e., no time.

There’s little to no budget for this leader.

i.e., no money.

There’s little to no team in place to support this leader.

i.e., no ability to properly execute

Companies that are successful with employer branding remove these limitations. And they are far too rare.

Marketing on the other hand has built-in company-wide credibility, resources with people and budget, and time to focus on clearly defined objectives.

Do the math.

Anyone leading employer branding efforts at a startup needs to be given major kudos.

They are walking uphill to do arguably the most important work at their company––building a connected culture and attracting and keeping the right people.