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Employer Branding Show-and-Tell Kicks Off March 4th

Employer Branding Show-and-Tell Kicks Off March 4th

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We’re launching a new series called Employer Branding Show-and-Tell: Live peer conversations about real-life challenges faced by EB leaders and how they took action.

These are short, 30-min conversations designed to get straight to tactics.

There’s a lot of “what to do” in this industry. It’s time for some “how we actually do it.”

We’re coming out of the gate hot!

When: March 4th at 2 pm PST

Topic: Making the Shift to Brand-Led Recruiting w/ Q&A

Guest: Nicole Parish – Global Talent Attraction Lead at Qualtrics

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Brand-led recruiting is perhaps the holy grail of employer branding. But it’s extremely difficult to pull off.

Qualtrics is solving this problem.

They’re building out an Attraction Skills Training program that teaches their recruiters how to keep the engagement meter high from awareness through the candidate experience.

We’re gonna get in the weeds on this one, covering:

  • What is Attraction Skills Training?
  • How recruiters can better understand content and become active creative partners.
  • Understanding personas.
  • How recruiters leverage their content library.
  • Relying on recruiter feedback to fill content gaps.
  • Empowering recruiters to build personal brands their own way.

Hope you can join us :)