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Employer Branding Terminology (ugh!) Simplified

(~30-second read)

Most basic concepts are masked by fancy terminology.

And it muddles communication while confusing and alienating industry outsiders.

So here’s a simple breakdown of some of the terms that I often throw around––at least as I see them:

  • Employer Brand = What your candidates and employees believe true or not about what it’s like to work at your company.
  • Employer Branding = “Hi, employees and candidates, meet our company and people.”
  • Recruitment Marketing = Marketing strategies applied to employer branding. Aka, distribution of content.
  • Content = “Hi, employees and candidates, meet our company and people in audio, visual, and written format.”
  • Candidate Experience = How well you treat your candidates.

That’s it. Let’s keep it simple.

Because the only thing that matters is the tactical execution of each.