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Employer Branding Won’t Solve Your Recruiting Problems

Employer Branding Won’t Solve Your Recruiting Problems

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Employer branding won’t solve your recruiting problems.

It will magnify the truth.

  • Is your image on LinkedIn a false front?
  • Is your product solving an interesting problem? Is it relevant, practical, and exciting to build?
  • What is the micro-culture like at the team level?
  • What is the mindset of leadership? How do they think?
  • How are your employees treated?
  • How does your compensation stack up against your competitors?
  • Are you providing a respectful candidate experience?

These questions will be answered one way or the other. And those answers will be shared outside of your purview.

That’s the reality.

There’s no way to shortcut it.

And as my partner in crime James Hornick said yesterday, “People only search for companies they've heard good things about.”

P.S. If things are broken internally, fix them first. Remember, employer branding is a magnifying glass, not a Band-Aid.