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Falling Outta Sync

A short film by Sooraj Saxena
Falling Outta Sync

It’s Friday, and I’d like to give you a visual treat heading into your weekend.

This is a guest post by Sooraj Saxena, Founder of SHVKTI, a creative film agency telling stories about people & brands making a positive impact in our lives.

It’s my opinion that Sooraj is the most compelling content creator on LinkedIn. His work is beautiful and his heart even more so. I highly encourage you to 1) follow him, and 2) scroll through his feed to look at past videos. You’ll thank me.

Now, enjoy “Falling Outta Sync”, a very short story about what it means to overcome inadequacy. This man must raise his vibrations to better combat negativity through his life. A reality many people face & find extremely hard to overcome.

We often blame external factors for our unique situations, but our reality is a direct reflection of how we move through life and how we perceive the universe internally.

Let’s face it, too many folks avoid accountability for their life. We take shortcuts to avoid healing & growing as individuals. The majority of people would rather keep themselves distracted with quick-fix solutions rather than doing the hard work which requires deep self-awareness, patience & consistency.

We then ask ourselves why we aren’t reaching our full potential.

This video aims to highlight the hard conversation we must have with ourselves about overcoming inadequacy & raising our vibrations in order to lead a more positive life.