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Freemium to Unlock Potential

Freemium to Unlock Potential

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Freemium is a pricing model that’s been reserved for SaaS companies as a way for users to test a version of their product for free before upgrading to paid features and add-ons.

For any business with a services component, especially creative services, free would equal business suicide.

We’re disproving this theory.

Here’s a look at an early conversation where we discuss our motivations behind offering Before You Apply as a freemium model.

This is why we’re willing to take a calculated risk in order to build a business that actually helps our specific buyer succeed. (Keyword: specific).

Early on, this idea was met with criticism.

We were told that clients wouldn’t take this seriously unless they paid. And that this would be a one and done offering, with clients leaving after their free process was over.

Instead, we’re seeing that:

  1. Free doesn’t equal a lack of commitment from our buyers. It creates more trust.
  2. Free has allowed our champions to unlock employer branding budget for the first time ever at their companies.
  3. Free leads to clients paying us for more.

We’re proving that in a very specific industry, freemium can give incredibly smart people access to the creative work they need in order to finally execute on the ideas they believe in.