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Frictionless Sells

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Earlier this week I ordered online from my favorite local coffee shop.

It took less than a minute to purchase a somewhat complex drink.

I closed my laptop and said to my wife, “Their online experience is really enjoyable. That was effortless.”

Whether you’re buying a coffee online or implementing an intricate SaaS solution, that’s the feeling you want to leave with.

I’m not saying that buying a coffee is the same as buying SaaS. It's not.

What I am saying is that I walked away wanting to buy more––because it was so easy.

And if you’re selling something, creating that feeling should be the goal.

Frictionless sells.

An easy place for B2B SaaS companies to start: self-guided demo’s, no reps involved.

Then, if the prospect is interested enough to learn more, they opt-in and talk to a product specialist, not an SDR.

Creating an online experience that is so informative you wouldn’t need to talk to a rep in order to purchase is 100% acting in favor of the buyer.

This alone could change the way prospects feel about a brand. And start more of the right conversations.


Shoutout to Scout Coffee in San Luis Obispo, CA. If you’re ever in SLO, or passing through on the 101, you should absolutely stop by. They have the best housemade almond milk in the biz.