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Getting Creative With LinkedIn Sponsored Updates

A guest post by Chris Fitzner

This is a guest post by Chris Fitzner, Recruitment Marketing Specialist at Appian. Chris started his career in Marketing and moved over to Talent, bringing with him a data-driven, execution first mindset that I so appreciate. Chris is one of the smartest RM leaders I’ve talked with and someone I look to when it comes to the tactical execution that many Talent orgs struggle with.


What makes LinkedIn Recruiter so useful? It’s ease of use.

It also has a downside as many prospects are getting spammed left and right with Inmails. Regardless of how well crafted your subject line is, a large number simply won’t be opened.

To support your TA team in moving passive prospects to interested candidates, take advantage of Sponsored Updates. You can approach this in two ways, either by increasing brand awareness of your company or by building a pipeline nudging them to directly apply.

Use the same targeting options you would use to prospect with Sponsored Update audience selection options. When prospects see your ad they are then directly added to LinkedIn Recruiter “Interacted with your brand” pools which allow for higher Inmail open rates since they are now familiar with your brand.

The second option would be to get them to directly apply which is a great way to fill a pipeline without having to actively prospect. Use a variety of content that showcases your culture and be specific to the department you are hiring for.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for recruiting, but with candidates ignoring a large portion of Inmails it's time to get creative with Sponsored Updates.