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Getting Feedback on Your Employer Brand

Getting Feedback on Your Employer Brand

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Surveys won’t get you what you need. Because employees don’t care enough.

It’s not that they don’t care about your work. They just don’t understand it yet.

It’s your job to help them understand. And once they do, a whole new world of opportunity opens up: content creation at scale, employee engagement, organic sharing.

All the things you want (and need).

Start by talking to employees. They will be open and feel a part of this process (aka bought in).

These are questions that we’ve used to source feedback from employees and leadership:

  • Why [company name]?
  • Tell us about a moment that is so [company name].
  • What to pay attention to/potential challenges as [company name] grows.
  • Can you name our current company values?
  • What is a value that helps drive your decisions?
  • How/where do you see values lived out in the office?
  • How do you describe [company name] to outside candidates?
  • Candidate perceptions (and misconceptions).
  • What stories aren’t being told?
  • What have you learned at [company name]?

From here, surface themes, stories, and characters to profile.

Hope this helps make your next EB project a little easier :)