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Go Hard on Who You're Not

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There’s a huge employer branding opportunity for tech startups that operate in unconventional ways:

Go hard on who you’re not.

Let’s use a sales team as an example:

  • If your sales team is not “ringing gongs”.
  • If they’re not the standard quota crushing, high fiving bro culture.
  • If they’re not operating under the traditional SDR / AE model.
  • If you pay your reps 100% salary and zero commission.
  • Or maybe you’re marketing-led and don’t have a sales team at all.

If any of these describe you, you need to create content that tells this story to your candidates. Blatantly.

This is differentiating. This is rare and unique. And this will make those who don’t align run for the hills.

Apply heavy filters at the top of the funnel.

Your recruiters and hiring managers will thank you.

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