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Hey, Companies — Stop Making Employer Branding About You.

Hey, Companies — Stop Making Employer Branding About You.

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Hey, companies — Employer Branding is only about the candidate. It’s not about you.

Most will blatantly ignore this fact. And instead, choose to gate information out of fear.

Because if they give away too much at the top of the funnel, a qualified candidate might not choose them.

Here’s the reality (especially for senior-level candidates): if you do not address their requirements at the top of the funnel before they apply, you will NEVER get a conversation started with them.

(Hint: Compensation is one of those things.)

In practice, this means talking to your recruiters and ICP (ideal candidate profiles) to find out:

  • What information candidates want before they apply.
  • What compels them to move forward?
  • What causes them to drop out?

Then, taking this knowledge and reverse engineering your content to fill those information gaps.

It’s not rocket science.

And the fact that companies and their Talent leaders don't understand this shows just how disconnected they are from their candidate’s behavior.

Growth-stage tech companies compete in a world where conveying relevant information in the most practical way wins.

Yet, very few are doing this.

Instead, they allow fear to drive their recruiting behavior.

It’s time for a reality check.

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