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Hiring an Engineering Leader? Tech Execs You Can Hire (#1) is Available.

This issue includes a Director of Engineering who recently oversaw 4 product lines, 4 managers, and over 50 engineers.

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If you’re looking for a Senior Engineering Leader, the first issue of Tech Execs You Can Hire is available.

This issue includes a Director of Engineering who is privately looking at new opportunities.

A few highlights:

  • They’re based in the U.S.
  • Recently led Engineering for a Cloud-based, VC-led market leader with a 1B valuation.
  • Oversaw 4 Digital Product Lines, 4 managers, and 8 Agile teams (50-70 total team members).

How it works:

Each candidate is listed under an alias. If you’re interested in talking with a candidate, email their recruiter directly for an introduction. (Be sure to include their alias.)

You’ll find the following information for each candidate:

  • Location (where they are located)
  • Notes from the recruiter
  • Level of experience
  • Current role
  • Size of company they’d prefer to join
  • Minimum salary requirement
  • Location preference: remote, in-office, or hybrid
  • Recruiter contact information (for an introduction)
  • Recruiter fee

Details here.

A note for external recruiters:

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