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Hiring Engineers? This One's For You.

Hiring Engineers? This One's For You.

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If you’re hiring tech talent, this one’s for you:

Employer Branding Show-And-Tell: Recruiting Engineers — Building an Inbound Engine

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When: March 18th at 2 pm PST

Guest: Ashley Raiteri – Interim CTO at Instrumentl

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Ashley has built engineering orgs all over the world, from tiny 3 person teams to 150 person orgs that span the product spectrum.

What’s more, he’s invested heavily in building engineering brands that became inbound recruiting engines for some of the hardest-to-hire candidates.

We’re gonna get tactical, covering:

  • Why employer branding needs to be valued by CTO’s.
  • The number one job of a CTO.
  • How to enable your engineers to be content creators.
  • How to build an inbound recruiting engine for engineers.
  • The jigsaw puzzle test. (Yeah, this one is pretty interesting.)

This is the one you’ll want to forward to your technical founder, engineering leaders, and technical recruiters.

We’ll save time for a little Q&A :)

Hope you can join us.