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Hiring Engineers? Ungate Information to Start More Conversations.

Hiring Engineers? Ungate Information to Start More Conversations.

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If you’re a fast-growing startup that’s recruiting software engineers (or any hard-to-hire talent), ungating information at the top of the funnel will start more conversations. Period.

And if the information you provide doesn’t match the wants and needs of the candidate, it will stop unqualified conversations from ever happening.

Everyone wins. Your hiring managers, recruiters, and candidates save time. Your company saves money. And the entire experience is more enjoyable and efficient.

It sounds so simple.

Yet, many companies allow fear to stop them from doing this.

They choose to hide behind vague culture examples, fancy product talk, investor cred, and inflated numbers, thinking that if they can just have a conversation with the candidate then they can sell them on the opportunity.

The reality: If a senior-level engineer can’t check a few key boxes themself, you have zero shot at ever starting this conversation.

While everyone else is trying to crack the code on sourcing engineers, smart companies are taking the simple approach of using transparent content at the top of the funnel as a way to narrow their audience and save their recruiters and candidates valuable time.

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