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Hiring Marketers? Here's What They Want to Know—Before They Apply.

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James Hornick and I asked marketers want information they care about most when considering a new job opportunity. Notably, what information they need in order to start a conversation with a recruiter. And what information can they never find?

Here’s what they had to say:

  • Transparent compensation upfront.
  • What is the leadership mindset?
  • How is the team I’d be joining structured?
  • How do team members think about the work they’re doing?
  • Are there clear expectations around marketing? Aka, does this company know what they want out of marketing?
  • Does the CEO/leadership team value marketing? If so, why?
  • Will I have creative runway or am I just an order taker?
  • What are the growth opportunities? Aka, will I be set up for success?

Don’t gate this information behind screening calls and interviews. Use it to inform your job ads, job descriptions, and talent marketing content.

Providing unfiltered information like this will change the way you and your candidates meet:

  • You respect their time: Candidates will be able to properly evaluate your opportunity and either opt-in or opt-out before needing to talk to a human.
  • Your recruiters will quickly become more efficient: They will have more productive conversations with the right people from the beginning.

Everyone wins.

Hope this helps.

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