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How B2B SaaS Can Help Modernize the Top-of-Funnel Candidate Experience

Give away as much as possible—in exchange for trust—before your buyer needs to commit.

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Talent leaders — Look to B2B SaaS as inspiration for modernizing your top-of-funnel candidate experience.

Smart B2B SaaS companies have done a great job at removing friction at the top of the funnel—buyers are able to easily conduct independent research through informative content, compare products, find pricing, and experience the product before even committing to a conversation with a human.

The product-led growth wave that is hitting SaaS is a result of tech companies seeing that prospects just want to experience more before throwing down their credit cards. They’ve responded to this demand by creating a pricing model that maps to market behavior. All with great success.

Sure, not everything is directly transferable to the candidate experience.

But the spirit of it sure as hell is: Give away as much as possible—in exchange for trust—before your buyer needs to commit.

This approach is most applicable to how candidates research an opportunity before they apply.

Currently, most (I don’t think that’s an overstatement) companies leave candidate research up to chance.

Good luck giving competitive talent the task of first finding information, and then piecing it together in order to tell the story you need to be telling.

Worse yet, companies are still opting to gate information, forcing candidates to engage in a conversation with a recruiter in order to check a few necessary boxes that determine whether it's worth their time or not.

We are well past the era of being able to get away with gated information and half-assed content that’s scattered all over the place.

Competitive candidates want relevant information that’s findable and easy to consume.

Relevant, findable, and easy to consume.

Yet, some in the employer branding industry still want to make this about fluffy content and value props, not about new hire conversions.

Think practically. Don’t overcomplicate this stuff.

A big thank you to Brad Clark for a great conversation about the consumerization of jobs. Listen here.

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