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How Candidates Research New Opportunities

As consumers, here are three things we know:

  • We don't make big decisions blindly.
  • We rely heavily on reviews and feedback.
  • What we see on the surface isn't always the most accurate representation of what's inside.

So we dig––review sites, backchannel conversations, case studies.

This is not just a marketing strategy anymore.

This is how we make career decisions.

Here’s the path highly skilled candidates take when researching new opportunities:

[You can find our research methodology here.]

  1. Search Google to learn about your company.
  2. Go to your company homepage to find out what you do.
  3. Search social media for mutual contacts to circumvent your recruiters.
  4. Go to your careers page.
  5. Review sites.

Noteworthy: 90% of candidates will spend less than 10 minutes researching you. 10% of candidates will spend 2+ hours digging up everything they can.

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