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How to Build an Engineering Brand

How to Build an Engineering Brand

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Hiring engineers? Want to build an engineering brand?

I think you’ll like this one.

As an Engineering leader, Ashley Raiteri has helped build engineering brands at places like AirHelp, Avvo, and Nordstrom.

And Employer Branding Show-And-Tell – # 2 is all about how Ashley was able to leverage content, events, and scrappy creativity to build inbound recruiting engines that attracted some of the hardest-to-hire candidates.

When: Thursday, March 18th at 2 pm PST (aka tomorrow)

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This is the one you’ll want to forward to your technical founder, engineering leaders, and technical recruiters.

Cuz let’s face it, it’s hard to get your engineering leaders to value employer branding. And it’s even harder to get your engineering teams to care––let alone participate.

Join us. We’ll save time for some Q&A :)

P.S. Here are more details on what we’ll be covering:

  • Why employer branding needs to be valued by CTO’s.
  • The number one job of a CTO.
  • How to enable your engineers to be content creators.
  • How to build an inbound recruiting engine for engineers.