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Creating Content for Your Recruiting Team

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This is how I think about creating content that helps recruiters have more productive conversations:

Focus on micro-culture over company culture.

Because micro-culture (aka team culture) gives your candidates a look inside something that’s relatable.

It’s hyper-relevant and personal.

To be candidate-centric, pull back the curtain on your teams to show:

  • What you’re building and why.
  • How senior leaders are thinking about the problems you’re solving.
  • Team dynamics.
  • How you’re thinking about the future of your market and industry.
  • The moment you’re in as a team.
  • What’s hard about the work you’re doing.
  • How your team recognizes good work.
  • Why you might fail.

Use this information to design tactical assets for your recruiters to use in email, InMail, on social, and on other targeted platforms.

Equipped with this type of content, your recruiters will experience:

  • An increase in replies to outbound messages.
  • An increase in inbound from social.
  • Shorter and fewer screening calls.
  • More productive conversations with the right candidates.
  • Fewer applications from the wrong candidates.

Check out examples here.

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