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How We Do Sales at Before You Apply

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Frankly, we can't stand it when companies hide information behind salespeople––so we treat our prospects like we'd like to be treated.

Here’s how we do it:

We created what we call the “Secret Stash”. (I guess it’s not so secret, but you get the idea.)

It’s a simple Notion page that gives our prospective buyers 90% of the information they need before investing in a sales call.

(Or, they opt themselves out and we can avoid each other altogether.)

This way, if we do have a conversation, it can be thoughtful, productive, and worth everyone’s time.

Bonus: We intentionally designed this to be the single best link that we can send to our prospects.

Have a look-see: The BYA Team Profile Secret Stash

I talk a lot about giving candidates the information they want before they apply.

This is giving buyers the information they want before they have a sales call.

It’s quite a refreshing way to buy something.