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Hyperbole and Vagueness: The MO of Thought Leadership

Hyperbole and vagueness. That’s the MO of some (many?) thought leaders.

I’m guilty of this myself at times. The pot knows it’s own color.

Here’s the thing—we’re all well-intentioned.

But turn that mic on and things can get grandiose real quick. Especially when algorithms and engagement metrics are involved.

It’s when you say the same 5 things over and over that my BS meter starts flashing.

Here’s are some of the stories I hear/see repeated far too often:

*These are literal.

  • I talk to hundreds of [insert title] at [insert company type] every month and they all say [insert whatever problem you’re currently solving].
  • I did [your only experience] and achieved [your only result].

    • How do I know? Because I only hear you use this one example over and over.

  • You started something in your bedroom and that somehow makes you credible.

Moral of the story: Develop BS filters. It’s healthy to have a level of skepticism.

And if you really want to know if someone eats their own dog food, talk to them.

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