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If You’re Recruiting Engineers, Don't Waste Their Time

If You’re Recruiting Engineers, Don't Waste Their Time

If you’re recruiting engineers, don’t waste their time.

To cut through the noise and provide a thoughtful experience, simply give these candidates all the information they need before they apply so they can choose if a conversation is worth their time.

This is about them. They choose.

We live in a world where empathetic communication + relevant information wins.

By removing all the guesswork and aligning your activity with market behavior, you’ll have more productive conversations with the right people who are actually in-market.

This is the information engineering candidates want before they apply.

Put this into an FAQ doc and include it with every message you send to candidates.

  • What does your company make?
  • How much money will I make?
  • What will I personally do/make/create?
  • Are the hours flexible and/or can I work remotely?
  • How many people are on the team I’ll be joining?
  • Who will I report to?
  • What’s the culture like?
  • Is the team I’m joining respected by leadership?
  • Is there someone I can talk to before I apply?

Don’t overcomplicate this.

This approach alone will show that you're different and position you to be part of the conversation when the conversation is ready to happen.

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