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Resumes and Job Descriptions: The Enemies of Human Connection

Human interaction—nuance and connection—is the magic of the recruiter/candidate relationship. It's time we bring this back and redesign the way that companies and talent meet.

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Resumes and job descriptions (as we all know them) are 1950's technology that has never been updated to meet modern job-seeking behavior.

In their current form, they're largely a disservice to both the candidate and the recruiter.

The nuance is lost. The connection is gone. The humanness completely stripped away.

And instead of taking a hard look at the process and evolving it to match how recruiters and candidates want to meet, we've chosen the easy route—to layer software on top of an antiquated model that does the most meaningful work for us.

As a result, we’re successfully avoiding human interaction.

This is ironic when the only thing that recruiters and candidates are trying to achieve is a thoughtful, productive, and qualified conversation—aka human interaction.

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