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News: I've got a new jobby job :)

A quick update on my new role and company.

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Got some news: I have a new role as the Head of GTM & Brand at flytedesk.

What’s flytedesk?

Flytedesk is the platform that controls ad inventory on college campuses. We're on 2,300 campuses and reach ~95% of students in the US. (We do the college marketing for companies like Adobe, Planned Parenthood, Quizlet, etc.)

Yeah, super niche… but it’s all the college kids in one place. So for brand marketing to Gen Z, it’s the environment where a lot of influence is happening. Win college and you win Gen Z is how we think about it.

What’s up with Before You Apply?

Before You Apply is still open and running. We have a stellar team in place and are taking on new customers and servicing our existing customer base. Nothing different to report there.

What does this mean for this newsletter?

Nothing will change. I’ll still be posting away on here, per usual. Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

If you have questions, shoot me a message. My DMs are open and I’d love to hear from you.

Thanks, all. I'm having a blast. Onwards!

— Nate

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