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Just Give Us The Information

Transparency engenders trust
Just Give Us The Information

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TL;DR – Sellers, and recruiters, give away all of the information through content at the top of the funnel and stop wasting people's time.

Whether you’re a buyer or a candidate, all you want is information upfront. And it’s not being provided.

You’re getting fluff when you want facts and details.

Your time is valuable.

You want to choose if a conversion is worth your time.

And for some reason, this scares companies. If you knew too much upfront, you might not choose them.

You know what? They’re right.

So instead, they waste your time. Because maybe having you jump through hoops will make you like them more.

This idea that if they can have a conversation with you then they can sell you on their thing is not just short-sighted, it’s a blatant disregard for the experience you want to have.

It throws empathy out the window.

So companies, start respecting people’s time by filling a knowledge gap.

Speed up your sales process with content that gives access to information. All of it––unfiltered.

Yes, this includes the information that is making you nervous to share. The stuff you keep behind the gates.

Nobody has time for games.

Stop messing around. Just give us the damn information.

Transparency engenders trust.

And trust speeds up everything.