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LinkedIn Is Not A Sales Channel

LinkedIn is not a sales channel.

Stop treating it like one.

It’s a content channel.

It’s a brand channel.

It’s a relationship channel.

It’s a knowledge-sharing channel.

And most importantly, it’s an opportunity channel.

This is an opportunity for you to truly understand your market in ways that most professionals don’t.

Why? Because you can actually build trust and credibility directly with your target market over time.

Do this enough and eventually, you’ll earn access to the right people.

But it takes patience + mindset.

Patience = Showing up over and over again with zero expectation of getting anything in return.

Mindset = I’m here to give, learn, and elevate my industry (not my business).

This isn’t about you. This is only about the people that you’re lucky enough to have care about what you create.

Detach from outcomes and you’ll see LinkedIn for what it truly is––a place to create, learn, and connect.

Note: If you’re complaining about lack of engagement or the algorithm suppressing your content, you clearly don’t get this.