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Lower Volume to Improve Your Candidate Experience

Lower Volume to Improve Your Candidate Experience

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Someday, more companies will realize that volume is the enemy of recruiting.

Your candidate experience, good or bad, is largely determined by how you manage the top of the funnel.

Are your recruiters having thoughtful, productive conversations? Or are they spinning their wheels trying to filter through too many applications and screening calls?

When companies scale at a ridiculous pace and saddle their recruiting teams with massive hiring goals, the default is to open the floodgates and play the volume game.

And when put in this position, well-intentioned recruiters who want to provide an amazing experience for their candidates simply can’t.

Their capacity––mentally and physically––won’t allow for it.

Regardless of how fast you’re growing, your mindset needs to be: How can we lower the volume of applicants and allow our recruiters to have more thoughtful and productive conversations with the right people?

It’s easy to blame things on broken hiring processes.

But for many companies, this comes down to one thing: recruiter overwhelm.