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Managing Your Employer Brand in a Crisis

Managing Your Employer Brand in a Crisis

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Let’s face it, stuff happens.

Someone did something that got leaked, a product failed, or economic factors led to tough decisions.

But even though we weren’t personally responsible for the event, it’s our job (our duty) to tactfully communicate with our internal and external markets.

So as an employer brand leader, how do you manage your brand in a crisis?

You tell the truth.

The strategy is simple. The execution is hard.

There are investors and PR people and advisors telling you to gloss it up.

Here’s the thing: You either appease the fear or you speak directly to your audience. You can’t do both.

Own it. Take the L. We’ll respect you for it.

Because we’re human too. And we’re good at forgiving.

But our BS meters are more sensitive than ever.

And as buyers of jobs and things, we have no patience for fear spun as PR nonsense.

Truth and transparency win.

It’s up to you how far you want to take it.

Note: How do you deliver the truth with content? Either in a long-form written piece (aka a blog post) or a straight-up authentic video. Nothing fancy.